/’fu:bar/ OPEN CALL for GLITCH ART 2015

Open call for glitch art aimed at any and all who make stuff by breaking stuff. We will materialize your digital randomness into hard copy objects, project your videos and run your sound installations through air. Any digital media and any glitch technique will be considered, as long as they are representable in the form of a digital print, sound installation, or a video projection. So what are you waiting for? Go through those folders and SUBMIT! Submissions are open from Feb 23rd till April 23rd 2015. http://fubarexpo.tumblr.com/enter DISCLAIMER: /’fu:bar/ is an exhibition in a small gallery in Zagreb, Croatia,... >>>

/’fu:bar/ 2015 participants

© merry absolute value of noise Alexander Limarev Alexandra Mocan andrea resner Arthur Machado / Tù.úk’z Asthenia atagen barbie Blaise Caillet / SKNAIL (w/ Efrain Beccera) carmen racovitza Chigau Claire Burke CM McGrath Darko Aleksovski Dijana Mijatovic DIOGO aka PSTR Elena Romenkova Elena Romenkova & Christian Munk FluffLord flvz lab Gábor Szűcs Gustavs Lociks Ian Grant Icy Petiole Igor Gržetić Incredible Bob Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis Jaan Patterson Jace Bongailas Jared L Curtis Joe Hedges Johann Baron Lanteigne jonCates Jorge H. Loureiro KYKLOP ­ GmbH Laura Martorana Laurus Edelbacher Leandro Estrella leilor moon Luis Antonio Santos M!G|-­|TY_K0\/\GB0T Maja Genc Kalogera Marija... >>>

/’fu:bar/ 2015

Thu 5/21 – /‘fu:bar/ glitch art expo @ Siva Galerija, AKC, 19:00 Glitch art – a form of artistic expression that uses visual or audible aesthetics of errors Siva galerija – a gallery in Zagreb’s AKC, a meeting point of visual arts and contemporary and avant-garde subculture. hacklab01 – an open hacklab in AKC, a place of social experiment and a meeting point for DIY enthusiasts, artists and sociopolitical activists. /‘fu:bar/ – sometimes used as a placeholder name, a metasyntactic variable in computer programming or computer-related documentation / “Fucked up beyond all recognition” / a glitch art exhibition in Siva... >>>