Call for Digital Media Art and Papers 2017

/‘fu:bar/ is a multimedia participatory event, focused on the theme of discovering and displaying errors in the very process of creating cross-disciplinary new media art. The event is composed of discursive units (artist talks and lectures), open workshops, audio-visual artist performances and a glitch-bound visual arts exhibition.

This year’s theme is -sharing- and source reinterpretation in recent remix-oriented glitch art. We aim to explore the potentials and ethos of longterm collaborative artistic creation by showing digital commons-based art.

This call is open to digital media art and essays that you feel fit into the above description.

We will materialize your digital randomness into hardcopied objects, screen your videos, distribute your texts, click your net art and run your sound installations through air. Any digital media and any glitch technique will be considered, as long as they are presentable in the form of a digital print, sound installation, a website, or a video.

Applications deadline: August 31st 2017



/‘fu:bar/ is organized by the Autonomous Cultural Center Attack, in cooperation with Format C art org. The exhibition is financially supported by Croatian Ministry of Culture, City of Zagreb – City Office for Education, Culture and Sports, and National Foundation for Civil Society Development and Kultura Nova Foundation — supporting programmes of ACC Attack.