Call for Glitch Art and Texts 2018

/’fu:bar/ is a multimedia participatory event, focused on the theme of discovering and displaying errors in the very process of creating cross-disciplinary new media art. The event is composed of discursive units (artist talks and lectures), open workshops, audio-visual artist performances and a glitch-bound visual arts exhibition.

We are looking to materialize your digital randomness into hardcopied objects, screen your videos, distribute your texts, click your net art and run your sound installations through air. Any digital media and any glitch technique will be considered, as long as they are presentable in the form of a digital print or image, sound installation, a website, or a video.

Applications deadline: August 15th 2018.
Deadline extended till Aug 25th 2018.

Submission rules

Up to three submissions are allowed (each submitted in its own application form) with up to 15 files per submission (all stored in one single archive file). Links to personal websites or archives will not be considered.

The links provided need to be accessible up until and during the time of the event –  late October 2018 (please use Google Drive, Dropbox or similar; not services with expiring links like WeTransfer).

The work submitted will be reviewed, and a selection will be made by the /‘fu:bar/ team.
The results will be announced on the /’fu:bar/ website prior to the exhibition.

Please follow the instructions and prep your pieces accordingly if you’d like to get printed.
max – A2: 594 x 420mm, 300 DPI  / 4961 x 7016 pixels, RGB
min – A4: 297 x 210mm, 300 DPI / 3508 x 2480 pixels, RGB

Really small pieces in any DPI will not be printed (but might get displayed / screened).

Video pieces need to be baked (recompressed and playable in video players).


Apply here

/’fu:bar/ 2018 timeline

Apr 15 — Call for glitch art workshops, lectures and performances opens
Jun 25 — Call for workshops, lectures and performances closes
~ late Jun — Results of the open call for workshops, lectures and performances announced
Jun 15 — Call for glitch art and texts opens
Aug 15 — Call for art and texts closes
~ mid Sep — Open call for art and texts results announced
Oct 6 – Oct 12 — /‘fu:bar/ 2018 \o/ @ AKC, Zagreb

/’fu:bar/ is organized by the Autonomous Cultural Center Attack, in cooperation with Format C art org. The exhibition is financially supported by Croatian Ministry of Culture, City of Zagreb – City Office for Culture, National Foundation for Civil Society Development and Kultura Nova Foundation — supporting programmes of ACC Attack.