Call for Glitch Art and Texts 2019

/’fu:bar/ is a yearly festival gathering focused on electronic error-themed reinterpretative multimedia art. The week long festival starts on the first Saturday of October and hosts an artist residency program, showcases diverse talks, workshops, performances and an inclusive group exhibition.

The topic of /’fu:bar/ 2019 is broadly set around the concepts of EXPOSURE and various notions of digital art VALUE. Do you have a relevant piece you’d like to share? Let us know!
The call is open to all and any #glitch_art file hackers, code breakers, web creepers or media explorers, either with an on-topic submission or general glitch-based art-centered work.

We are looking to materialize your digital randomness into hardcopied objects, screen your videos, distribute your texts, click your net art and run your sound installations through air. Any digital media and any glitch technique will be considered, as long as they are presentable in the form of a digital print or an image, sound installation, a website, or a video.

Deadline: July 31st New deadline: Aug 7th
Selection announcement: late August 2019

Submission guidelines for participating in the /’fu:bar/ group exhibition:

    • Up to three (pieces or series) submissions are allowed (each submitted in its own application form). Links to general personal websites will not be considered.
    • The links provided need to be accessible up until and during the time of the event – at least until mid October 2019 (please use Google Drive, Dropbox or similar; not services with expiring links like WeTransfer).
    • Please follow the instructions and prep your pieces accordingly if you’d like to get printed:
      Prints max size – A2: 594 x 420mm, 300 DPI  / 4961 x 7016 pixels, RGB
      Prints min size – A4: 297 x 210mm, 300 DPI / 3508 x 2480 pixels, RGB
      (Any format size and ratio between the minimum and maximum size is acceptable.)
    • Really small pieces in any DPI, and ones not selected for printing might get displayed / screened.
    • Video pieces need to be baked (recompressed and playable in video players).
    • To be reviewed, the work needs to be in its final format (size, quality, etc.) and not a preview.
    • The selection results will be announced on the /’fu:bar/ website prior to the exhibition.
    • As we cannot remunerate you for your (art)work, we support you applying previously created, recycled, reinterpreted and repurposed art.

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Inquiries contact:

The event is organized by the AKC Attack association in collaboration with the Format C Artist Organization. It’s supported by a number of volunteers, collaborators and participating artists, as well as media partners, the SKART Gallery, the Glitch Artists Collective, and the free weekly newsletter Glitchet. The festival program is financially supported by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, the “Kultura Nova” Foundation, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Zagreb and various glitch art supporters via crowdfunding.