/’fu:bar/ 2016 Call for Participation

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s /‘fu:bar/! It was a really intense and fun experience and we’re looking for ways to make it even better next year. We need your help to make this reality.The plan is to write a project proposal and apply for government funding. This would bring us many more options then just prints. Next year we plan on making more workshops, more prints and getting more of you guys to Zagreb to hold workshops and live perfomances!What we need from you is some background info so we can include it in the project proposal.

To be more precise these will be:
– bio (up to 700 characters in length)
– professional / artist CV
– links to your page/blog/project (to be included alongside your data)
– a workshop and/or performance idea (pitch)
– an artist statement (up to 500 characters in length)
– please note your location as we need it to calculate travel costs

We will cover travel costs, accommodation and food during your stay. We will NOT cover additional fees. Please keep in mind that sending us the required info doesn’t guarantee a spot at /‘fu:bar/ 2016. Since we have some experience in writing proposals, if we get funded it will probably be much less then required and we’ll be forced to make a selection. This will most likely be 30% of the sum required by the project proposal so PLEASE don’t hesitate to send us the required info as you will help your peers in traveling and making new contacts even if it turns out you don’t reach the destination this time around. Also, the emphasis will be on local artists and artists close to Croatia (less travelling costs = more artists on the spot = more workshops = more art = more fun). The main goal of the project will be empowering the local glitch art scene. If we get funded we will do our best to allocate funds in a fair manner and give everyone a fair share!

The project proposal deadline is September 15. So please reply ASAP as we’d like to include as many of you and your workshops / performances as possible in the proposal.

You can also help us by sharing this on social media and getting the word out by any means possible. If you can think of any other way of helping us or would like to be part of the process don’t hesitate to drop us a line with your ideas.Also, we are in the process of making a /‘fu:bar/ 2015 booklet which will be available online in PDF form. The information we’re asking you to send will also be used in the making of this booklet, so please keep this in mind and send us the info even if you’re not interested in participating in /‘fu:bar/ 2016 (if that’s the case please make a note so we don’t include you in the project proposal).

We’re really looking forward to the booklet and a new edition of /’fu:bar/ and would really like it if all of you got involved. Once we have a solid base for projects we can apply for different grants and eventually get all of you here and make it even bigger in the future!
You can reach us at hello@fubar.space, or here in the inbox if you must. 🙂

Let’s push things forward!

D. & V.
/’fu:bar/ team