/‘fu:bar/ 2017 – Call for workshops, Lectures and Performances

/‘fu:bar/ is a multimedia participatory event, focusing on the theme of discovering and displaying errors in the very process of creating cross-disciplinary new media art. The event is composed of presentational units (artist talks and lectures), open workshops, audio-visual artist performances and a glitch-bound visual arts exhibition.

This year’s theme is -sharing- and source reinterpretation in a specific area of recent remix-oriented new media art. We aim to explore the potentials and ethos of longterm collaborative artistic creation by showing digital commons based art.

In this call we are looking for workshops, lectures and performances that you feel fit into the above description.

That means you can apply with stuff like glitchy music, a new media workshop, a new media lecture or talk, a glitch VJ performance or anything else that tickles your fancy.

We can offer…

– transport fees (train, bus, or cheap flights NOTE: insufficient funds for oversea flights :()
– food
– a place to sleep (not a hotel)
– free entrance to any and all other programs in AKC during your stay

/‘fu:bar/ 2017 timeline

Apr. 3. – Open call for workshops, lectures and performances opens
Jun. 10. – Open call for workshops, lectures and performances closes
~ mid Jun. – Results of the open call for workshops, lectures and performances announced
Jun. 15. – Open call for art opens
Aug. 15. – Open call for art closes
~ mid Sep. – Open call for art results announced
Oct. 7. – Oct. 13. – /‘fu:bar/ 2017 \o/ @ AKC, Zagreb

Apply here! Good luck and we hope you join another instance of our cosy glitch family meetup. 🙂 <3

For any questions feel free to contact us at fubar@hacklab01.org.