/’fu:bar/ Glitch Art Festival 2019

5th – 11th Oct 2019

AKC Attack / Pierottijeva 11 / Zagreb / CRO

/’fu:bar/ is a yearly festival gathering focused on electronic error-themed reinterpretative multimedia art. The week long festival starts on the first Saturday of October and hosts an artist residency program, showcases diverse talks, workshops, performances and an inclusive group exhibition.
/’fu:bar/ is an open and free glitch art event, aimed at local communities in a physical space, and accessible to transnational communities in networked space, while including diverse local, regional and international authors and their collaborations.

OPEN CALL 1 > Open Now
Call for Glitch Art Workshops, Lectures and Performances 2019
Apply an on-topic #glitch_art-related performance / lecture / artist talk / workshop to be part of the /’fu:bar/ 2019 festival program

OPEN CALL 2 > Open Now
Call for Glitch Art and Texts 2019
Apply your #digital / #visual / #video / #sound / #web #glitch_art or #media_theory to be shown in a group exhibition at /’fu:bar/ 2019

/’fu:bar/ 2019 timeline >>

    • Apr 18 — Call for glitch art workshops, lectures and performances opens
      Jun 30 — Call for workshops, lectures and performances closes
      ~ late Jul — Results of the open call for workshops, lectures and performances announced
    • May 15 — Call for glitch art and texts opens
      Jul 31 — Call for art and texts closes
      ~ late Aug — Open call for art and texts results announced
    • Oct 5–11 2019 — /‘fu:bar/ \o/ @ AKC, Zagreb (Croatia)

The event is organized by the AKC Attack association in collaboration with the Format C Artist Organization. It’s supported by a number of volunteers, collaborators and participating artists, as well as media partners, the SKART Gallery, the Glitch Artists Collective, and the free weekly newsletter Glitchet. The festival program is financially supported by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, the “Kultura Nova” Foundation, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Zagreb and various glitch art supporters via crowdfunding.

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