/’fu:bar/ is organized by the AKC Attack association in collaboration with the Format C Artist Organization producing the festival. It’s supported by its media partners Subsite and event partners mi2 and Institut français de Croatie.

The festival is supported by contributions of a number of volunteers, collaborators and participating artists, via donations and/or volunteer work, the Glitch Artists Collective, and the free weekly newsletter Glitchet. The 2021 festival program is financially supported by the Kultura nova Foundation, the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Zagreb and our many glitch art supporters. The extended program is co-funded by the City of Rijeka, powered by the SKART Gallery, KA-MATRIX Association and the FUSE festival, as well as our partners CIM and the 27th MFRU festival. [♥]

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~ exhibition curators: Ejla Kovačević, Ras Alhague, jonCates, Kaspar Ravel, Dina Karadžić, Vedran Gligo


~ web, tech, networks: Vedran Gligo
~ content, multimedia, social: Dina Karadžić
~ extended programme assistant: Bojana Vojvodić


~ administration: AKC Attack
~ production and direction: Format C Artist Organization


~ workshop venue: mi2
~ exhibition venue: Institut français de Croatie


~ educational publication: CT
~ FLAG residency: KA-MATRIX
~ archive distribution: FUSE
~ workshop distribution: CIM
~ workshop presentation: PEEK&POKE


~ multimedia: Subsite


~ program funding: 2019 GoFundMe donors
~ program funding, technical equipment: Glitchet
~ program funding: jonCates


~ office and administration: Kultura nova Foundation
~ office and administration: National Foundation for Civil Society Development
~ festival and exhibition: Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia
~ festival and exhibition: City of Zagreb
~ workshop and exhibition: City of Rijeka


Ars Kopija


+ Way Spurr-Chen
+ Bruno Krehula
+ Ian Keaveny
+ Dario Čagalj
+ HrW
+ A+F
+ GAC fam
+ friends&family
+ …